Contact Rick

I have spent over 40 years as a civil attorney, prosecutor, manager, author, instructor and consultant. I have a law degree and a masters in public administration and:

  • am an attorney practicing in state and federal courts
  • served as an assistant County Attorney and Assistant Attorney General
  • have been the first assistant and acting Washington County Attorney
  • since 1987 have been Legal Counsel for the Minnesota Sheriffs Association
  • serve as a management and policy consultant to law enforcement and corrections administrators
  • instruct for college courses
  • am a national award winning gang prosecutor
  • have trained thousands of attorneys, private and public security officers, law enforcement officials, corrections and court services and public and private managers
  • serve as a National Institute of Corrections consultant and trainer
  • have authored many books and articles on criminal justice, civil liability, employment and related issues.
  • have served as a consultant and trainer in over 25 states and for a number of national and international organizations.